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International Review of Social Research

Print ISSN: 2069-8267
Online ISSN:2069-8534
Frequency: Three times a year
Current volume: 4/2014

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June 2014; Volume 4, Issue 2.


The Economic Efficiency of the Romanian Higher Education at the End of the 1960s’: A Demographical Perspective (pages 25-40)
Corina Doboș
Article first published online: 30 June 2014

Keywords: demographic policies, higher education, economic efficiency, socialist system, education stock.

Abstract. With the development of demography and population studies in the second half of the 1960s in Romania, a special attention was given to the economic efficiency of the Romanian education system, as education was considered “the main factor of economic growth”. Several demographic and economic studies reveal a special concern for the developmental effectiveness of the higher education system. This article examines several key concepts (such as “intellectual capital” opposed to “physical capital”, or “education stocks”), used by Romanian demographers for the evaluation of the economic efficiency of the Romanian higher education system at the end of the 1960s.

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