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International Review of Social Research

Print ISSN: 2069-8267
Online ISSN:2069-8534
Frequency: Three times a year
Current volume: 4/2014

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June 2014; Volume 4, Issue 2.


Evolution of the Artistic Higher Education in Communist Romania in the Years 1948-1989 (pages 125-141)
Valentin MAIER
Article first published online: 30 June 2014

Keywords: communist regime; Romania; higher education; artistic higher education; statistics. .

Abstract. Although the communist regimes gave priority to technical higher education, artistic higher education also received a small but persistent part of the allocated study places and resources. This study outlines both the general features of this field, and its statistical evolution. After 1948 the artistic higher education (music, fine and decorative arts, film, theatre and television) has gone through many changes in order to adapt to the communist requirements. The paper presents some of the most important changes, the reasons that led to them and their consequences. The statistical reconstruction of the artistic higher education focuses mainly on the last 30 years of communism, on full-time studies and on four important indicators: total number of students, freshmen, graduates and total number of teaching staff.

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