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International Review of Social Research

Print ISSN: 2069-8267
Online ISSN:2069-8534
Frequency: Three times a year
Current volume: 4/2014

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June 2014; Volume 4, Issue 2.


Job Assignment of Graduates of the University of Bucharest and Their Integration with the Labor System of the 1980s (pages 153-162)
Article first published online: 30 June 2014

Keywords: assignment, graduates, production, planned economy, 1980s.

Abstract. According to the official communist rhetoric, the assignment of higher education graduates to socialist enterprises and/or institutions was “an action with profound social-political meanings, which aims to ensure the production units and other areas which specialists they need”. This study focuses on the changes of the job supply for the graduates of the University of Bucharest during selected years of the 1980s and on the process of assigning the graduates to their work-place.

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